Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) :

1. How to Install Hindi font "DevLys 010" ?
DevLys 010 Hindi font is associated with the Jr Typing Tutor Setup,
To Install on windows xp, copy it by right clicking on the font file => Open control panel => Click on switch to classic view, open fonts, Paste here by right clicking.
For Installing on Window 7, Just open the Devlys 010 font file and click on Install button.

2. What to do before going to install the setup?

Please Update your system date & time.

3. What to do if the text is displayed in Hindi, while doing english typing?

Just re-start the application.

4. What is the best screen resolution for the Application?

It must be atleast 1024x768, higher resolution has no problem.

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     Main Features
  • JR Hindi English Typing Tutor is touch typing tutor. it provides the easiest and quickest way of learning touch typing.
  • More than 100 exercises are added for hindi and english.
  • On-screen keyboard in hindi and english.
  • Speed generation in wpm, cpm , backspace count, wrong char count, right char count, total words etc,
  • Difficult key finder.
  • Exercise creator for hindi and english language helps to create a new exercise easily by using on-screen Hindi/English keyboard.
  • External exercise Loader helps to load any text based exercise from anywhere from the secondary storage.
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What's NEW?

JR Offline Competition Exam Software will Launched in may 2012

JR Hindi English Typing Tutor Version 2.7 released.

JR Hindi English Typing Tutor Pen Drive/Memory Card Installable Version will be launched in April.
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